Matias 2020

Matias Aguirre

Matias is our "royal" backend PHP programmer from Argentina. He has been working with Open Source software since 1996, with PHP since 1999 and has written code for many Open Source projects since then.

I always want to learn more!

In January 2008 he wrote a component to migrate Joomla data between different Joomla versions and subsequently made it known in the community in 2011. "Jupgrade". The extension for the migration from Joomla version 1 to version 2 (for Joomla nerds 1.5 -> 1.6).

In 2011 he was therefore also visiting the international Joomla conference "J and Beyond" in the Netherlands and that made such an impression that he decided in 2019 to live and work here.

Good Joomla / PHP programmers are not very easy to find so we are very happy with his reinforcement of our team!

Matias Aguirre

Royal Dev


+31 85 210 40 60