New responsive website NPO

New responsive website NPO

The website of the radiostation Funx highly needed an upgrade after six years of delay. FunX is the public service Urban radiostation with a diversity of music styles like r&b, hiphop and dance.

The challenge

The website of radiostation FunX was outdated and the lay-out needed an overhaul. The looks of the website needed better connection to the target audience and have more "radio" appeal. For an efficient workflow it was also necessary to connect to the central database applications Radiomanager and Radiobox. And maybe most important, seeing that over half of the visitors came from mobile devices, it was essential that the website would be responsive and show the best possible result for any screen.

The solution

In multiple interactive sessions together with all stakeholders we worked and mapped out the demands, wishes and current use stories of the website. We translated this to interactive wireframes for alle types of pages of the new website. The content stucture was simplified and brought back to three clear levels, despite the fact there would be more content than before. After the wireframes were accepted the designers created the webdesign.

From this design we build the Joomla template with “mobile first”, accessibility and speed optimization as primary principles.

For the functionality Joomla is extended with multiple customizations to simplify the workflow, administration and to connect with external systems. The most important one is the connection with Radiobox, which holds all the information about the programs, DJ's, broadcasts, artists and the playlist that need continious imports as content to the website. Edits from Radiomanager are shown directly in the website without any needed interference by the web editorial staff. In Joomla the information from Radiobox can still be edited and added to.

When the first version of the new website was ready, two days of user testing were organized with listeners. This resultated in a lot of usefull feedback. By following a couple of different scripts we could analyse if the website worked as intended and if the content was logically and easy to find. From these results a lot of improvements could be made.

The result

The complety renewed website of FunX is well received bij listeners and users. The website has become much more visual, has a better connection to the target audience and succeeded in getting more "radio" appearance. "Now I know what you look like" has been much heared.

Awardwinning project

The new website of has been rewarded at he international Joomla-conference "J and Beyond" with a "JOSCAR" for best n-corporate website. 

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