NPO Radio 1: New (Joomla!)website

NPO Radio 1: New (Joomla!)website

NPO Radio 1 is the dutch news- and sport station. The biggest of the netherlands with about 2,5 miljoen listeners a week. We designed and build this new website!

The challenge

The NPO Radio 1 website was outdated and not flexible to act and develop quickly. Furthermore the website was not responsive, while by now more than half of the visitors come to the site with mobile devices. Time for a big improvement!

Analysis and wireframes

A good preparation to deliver a new system in a complex infrastructure with many users and expectations was needed. After a thorough analysis we made a proposal for the new build of the website. This was completely done in interactive wireframes, so early on all involved had an impression of what was going to be where in the new website.


The modern, spacious and clear design was also created by us, while maintaining the brand recognition of Radio 1. This was done in detail for the different screen resolutions and build in the custom template so all visitors have a optimized experience of the website.


The site is running for the part on a custom bulld Joomla component that is connected to the central API for programs, broadcasts, fragments, etc... Another challenge was the development of a playlist functionality where visitors can add their own fragments and broadcasts. When navigating to other pages this player continuously keeps playing. This way the visitor can browse through the news while listening to their own playlist.

The result

A high traffic and userfriendly site with superfast performance! 

"Dear Editor, Your site is perfect now!
Listening to the whole program or just a fragment finally is possible. Very nice, thank you."

A Radio 1 listener

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