Joomla! custom development

Perfect Web Team is specialised in custom development for Joomla. We can make sure that your site or web application does exactly what you want it too. We will make it quick, secure and search engine friendly.

The perfecte Joomla! solution

We follow the latest trends in web technology, marketing, design and of course for Joomla and than create new ones to realise your perfect solution.

Website development

Perfect Web Team builds custom Joomla websites that comply to the highest quality standards. Building diverse websites is our specialty. We are happy to build your corporate websites, campain or marketing portal. 

We build our sites to be:

  • What you wanted
    We develop your site to suit your organisation and your target group, as well as the user goals. Perfect Web Team makes websites that meet your requirements. We also make sure that your sites fits your company’s structure and workflow.

  • Fast!
    Our templates consist of lean code, which makes them very quick. We use new web standards like HTML5 and CSS3 to reach the ultimate velocity.

  • SEO friendly
    We will make sure that you can put your keywords where your mouth is. Our sites are well indexed and found by search engines.  

  • Responsive
    The Joomla websites by Perfect Web Team are suitable have a respinsive design that is suitable for tablets and smartphones.   

  • Easy to maintain
    We think that publishing and editing your content should be as easy as possible. We shape your Joomla environment to save you time and facilitate efficient publishing.

Custom development (for Joomla)

There are thousand of extensions available for Joomla that add functionality you may need. But they might not quite meet your needs or expectations or you might need something special. Maybe you need a connection to a specific CRM, invoicing, newsletter or supportsystem.

In these cases we build custom extensions that will do what you need. We connect and integrate the website within the existing architecture and workflows. Our Joomla extensionsare build on and with the Joomla framework and will comply to Joomla standards.

(Joomla) Template development

We don't like to work with "club" or default templates. We build high quality custom designed templates. And you want it optimized for fast page loading and search engines. Of course we make use of the latest standards but sometimes we think we know better as well.

If you have your webdesign made by a designer you need this custom development. We will make sure, together with the designer, the website will look as intended. We can create every kind of design but sometimes the designer and developer together can think of even smarter (responsive) solutions.

If you have any questions about this please contact us!


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