Joomla! Maintenance

Perfect Web Team makes sure that your corporate site is stable and secure. We audit and monitor your Joomla website and give you advice on best practices for security and SEO. 

Joomla! is constantly improving

The Joomla developments are progressing very fast. New updates of the core and the many extensions are being released constantly. To keep a Joomla website secure, fast and reliable you need to maintain it properly. The majority of websites being hacked are not maintained or attended to.


Three good reasons to have our Joomla! maintenance service

1: Your Joomla site remains monitored and secure

We monitor your site and spring into action when we detect any strange behaviour or modifications on your site. In the unlikely event that someone does hack the site, we take appropriate measures immediately.

2: Joomla gets better

The Joomla content management system is constantly being improved. Our maintenance service will make sure that you can benefit from all Joomla developments and extensions.  

3: It keeps your site fast

Every website suffers from contamination. Contamination of databases or temporary systemfiles for example. These slow your site down. If you choose to use our maintenance service, we will regularly clean up your site and keep it running at the original pace.


Our maintenance service includes:

Joomla! updates

We take care of the updates for your site within the Joomla 3 serie. We test new releases on our own platforms first to ensure a safe update.
Please note: Joomla upgrades/migrations (Joomla 3.x to Joomla 4.x for example) are not a part of our maintenance service.

Updates for extensions

Our maintenance services includes extensions that use the Joomla update system. We make sure that you have the latest version running on your site. Extensions that do not use the Joomla update system can be added to our ‘custom’ maintenance service.

Cleanup and optimizing site performance

We clean up temporary files and databases. Furthermore we optimize database tables to keep your site quick and clean.


Our monitoring tools keep an eye out for any strange behaviour on your site. We will be the first to know when your site is down or exceptionally slow. When needed, we will perform the necessary actions to get your site back up (to speed).

Safety scan

We check the site for safety issues and track hacking attempts.


We make sure that you have a recent backup of your website’s files and databases. These backups are stored on a separate server in a secure environment.


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