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Perfect Web Team can help you! We are the Joomla specialist but that's just the tool. We are experts in building the perfect website. Lets discover together what the perfect website is for you.

The perfect website

Our multidisciplinary Perfect Web Team has many years of experience with building the perfect websites. What the perfect website is for you, or better: for your target audience, we will discover together.


Every project starts with making inventory. What is the situation? What are the goals and targets? What are the demands, requirements, needs and wishes? What has priority, what is the available budget and what is the timeline?

Joomla! advice

As the Joomla expert we can give advice about your Joomla implemention and improvements for any related issues. An existing Joomla website that needs extra functionality? The development has stalled? The Joomla specialists of Perfect Web Team give advice about the best approach and solutions.

Thanks to our many years working with Joomla we have experience with so many situations we know what won't and more importantly what wíll work. With this knowledge we can help progress every Joomla project.

Joomla! audits & best practices

You're not happy with the perfomance with your current site? The website can't be found in the search engines? The website loads in minutes in stead of milliseconds?

Perfect Web Team executes audits where we analyse the (Joomla) website on one or more aspects. Our report will show a benchmark and will have suggestions for improvement.

Joomla! projectmanagement

We love big Joomla projects where multiple parties, stakeholders and disciplines are involved. With our previous project experience and with common sense we will make sure milestones are reached within agreed time and budget.

The perfect website does not exist

There is always room for improvement! And we love to help with it.


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