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Craft Verified Partner!

We have been working with Craft CMS for a couple of years now so it was time to become a Craft Partner and get verified.

After submitting a Craft project for a technical review and customer references, Craft assessed it. That all went well and we are now officially listed as Craft Partner!

Craft verified partner list

What is the Craft Partner network?

The Craft Partner network is a resource for businesses looking for Craft-related help or an agency to partner with on Craft projects.

All Craft Partners must be able to demonstrate their expertise in Craft by having an in-house developer, having completed at least five Craft projects, and proof that their business functions in a professional manner (e.g. are a registered business, have a business website, have a standard service agreement, etc.).

I heard from Niels and Astrid and they both had wonderful things to say about your company. I have updated your partner profile to be Craft verified. Below is your partner listing on our website.

- Heidi Crowell
Pixel & Tonic

What are the verification requirements?

  • A Minimum Number of 5 completed Craft Projects.
  • A Minimum of 2000 Professional development hours spent on Craft CMS.
  • A Minimum of two Positive Client References on a Craft CMS project.
  • A Minimum of one Full-time developer employed by the Partner in a full-time capacity experienced in working with Craft CMS.
  • A Minimum of one Project Review by the Pixel & Tonic team that have met their quality standards.
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