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Martijn Boomsma

Martijn Boomsma is co-founder and partner at Perfect Web Team. Martijn has a background in Psychology, IT service management and theater. He has been working in IT since 1998.

Martijn loves the many opportunities that IT and the internet still has to offer. That online still so many better, easier and more fun solutions can be realised.

Online so many stories can still be told so much better.

Martijn was involved (inter) nationally for the Joomla project. Except member of the Joomladagen team (since 2010), he was member of the OSM Capital Committee, board member of Stichting Sympathy and "Assistant treasurer" for OSM.

He loves projects that cross borders. Multiple departments and stakeholders, extended requirements, eye for details and deadlines make projects the challenge he loves to take on with the Perfect Web Team.

Martijn Boomsma

CSD & Storyteller


+31 85 210 40 60


Joomla Certified


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