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  • 10 Jul

    The future of Joomla!?

    No worries! The Joomla toolkit and web platform has a future full of opportunities!

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  • 11 Oct

    "We want a simple website..."

    A simple website is easy to build. But simple is very relative. Something simple like Facebook or

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  • 20 Nov

    Finally: PWT Extensions launched at the Joomla World Conference in Rome

    We're very proud we could finally announce the launch of PWT Extensions at the Joomla World Conference in Rome. Our team worked hard to get you the first beta versions of our new extensions: PWT SEOPWT Image and PWT Sitemap are now available!

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  • 6 Jul

    New! PWT Extensions

    While working on projects for our clients we develop extensions that make Joomla! even more powerful and user-friendly. We are really excited about these new Joomla! extensions and we are going to make them available to you!

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  • 18 Sep

    Thats why! Joomla! (and not WordPress)

    Why did you choose for Joomla? Why, for example, are you not using Wordpress? Because we believe Joomla is the better solution for the challenges of our clients of course!

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  • 10 Jul

    Creating an Article in Joomla! Has Never Been This Easy!

    Joomla is very flexible and has many possibilities. A disadvantage is that working with Joomla can seem complex because of all of the setting and navigation choices. Let's explore what we can do about this here.

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  • 28 Jan

    Yes, Joomla! is secure!

    Regularly we get the question if Joomla is secure. Our answer: Yes, Joomla! is secure!

    We don't just say this. Millions of websites, big corporates and large organisations use Joomla. They would not if Joomla in it self is unsecure.

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