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Is this page for me?

This blog is intended as inspiration for people who want to reach their target audience(s) through their website.

Someone is sitting on a bench and talking. It sounds like quite a story. Who would he/she/them be talking to? "Are you talking to me?".

Many websites remind me of this situation. Is that what you want with your website?

Who are you talking to?

How do you normally contact and connect with the people you want to talk to? Do you make eye contact? Would you smile?

Is your website and are your landingpages immediately clear who it is meant for?

Know your target audience!

Your website is a means of making contact. Do you send an e-mail to if you need the fire brigade? I hope not.

As with any other means of communication, it helps quite a bit if you know who you want to reach and why. Who do you want to reach with you website and why?

Then you need to know your target audience well. If not, some qualitative research is a good idea.

Be found!

This is of course where it all starts. Your website or webpage must be found first. You now know by whom you want to be found. But then you have to figure out how they would look for you.

Are there search terms that your target audience should definitely be able to find you on? Can those search terms actually be found by the search engines on your website and landing pages?

Are you not yet found with these search terms? Then let a specialist help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Make a good first impression

Most normal communication between people takes place non-verbally. In practice, that means eye contact (or not), the intonation, your posture, your clothing, hand gestures, etcetera.

On websites, people often start with words, sentences, paragraphs and pages full of text. How senseless! Just like meeting new people, your first impression on a website is made in milliseconds. You don't make the best impression with chunks of text.

Start with the right shape, the right colors, the right font. Depending on your target audience, you need to adjust your language. Or you need to use other colors or photos.

Make a translation for potential clients

You want to use your website to find more customers? Make the translation between what you do and what you have to offer your potential clients.

You now know who you're looking for, right? What do you have to offer that customer? How can you best show and explain this to that customer on your website?

Make the translation so that it is clear what you have to offer. Also make sure that it is clear how your potential customer can get there with the "Call to Action" in the right place.

Make contact

A lot of questions but without answering them for your website, you are just someone on a bench, talking to himself.

That's not the point, is it? So put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and try to make contact.

Do you like some help?
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