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New! PWT Extensions

While working on projects for our clients we develop extensions that make Joomla! even more powerful and user-friendly. We are really excited about these new Joomla! extensions and we are going to make them available to you!

Our team of Joomla specialists is working on many different projects. Smaller sites, but also high-traffic websites, like the sites for the Dutch Public Broadcasting radio stations. For each project we try to get the most out of the Joomla core. But sometimes we need additional features or want to make Joomla more user friendly for the end-users of the websites. To achieve this we developed our own custom Joomla extensions that fully integrate with Joomla.

Based on the feedback of our clients and our own experience with implementing and using the extensions in various projects we have further perfected these extensions.

Four new Joomla extensions

We are really excited about these new Joomla extensions and four of them have reached the stage that we can share them with you. Of course we hope and count on it that you and the end-users of your website will love it!

Joomla extensions by PWT Extensions

PWT Extensions

Today we are announcing PWT Extensions, our new site and brand dedicated to our Joomla extensions. We will share more details, features and the extension names in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile you might want to guess the names of the extensions on social media with hashtag #pwtextensions. The first person to guess an extension name correctly will win a 1-year subscription for that extension!

For those attending JoomlaDay UK in London this Saturday: attend our session about “High Traffic websites with Joomla!” for a sneak preview!

And don't forget to subscribe for Early Access on!