Elasticsearch gold mine
"Goldmine" Adapted from Curioso Photography on Unsplash

We build the Elasticsearch integration

A visitor on your website should be able to find what they are looking for without any delay.

Content is king but can your visitor find this content on your website? If you have a lot of content that can be a challenge. Especially if you want them to use your site and not an external search engine.

Find it with Elasticsearch

With Elasticsearch, "Full-text" search with a fast result is no longer a problem. Elasticsearch is fast, very fast. With Elasticsearch you can also search a large amount of data, whether it is numbers, text, structured or unstructured. You can also decide for yourself what is most important to be found.

This way you can rate the data very generically for a category of content, or very specifically to get a certain result for a specific search query.

Also: A spelling mistake when searching does not have to be a problem anymore, Elasticsearch is smart enough to still give the right result.

Elasticsearch is clever and finds the result you want it to find.

Examples of Elasticsearch implementation

We have integrated Elasticsearch into the Joomla CMS and have now used
it several times in projects, to the great satisfaction of the relevant

Try it yourself on:
https://www.roc-nijmegen.nl/ (What are you looking for?)
https://ggnet.nl/ (What are you looking for?)

More about Elasticsearch

You can find more about Elasticsearch at https://www.elastic.co/ .

Do you need Elasticsearch for your website? Contact us to discuss how it can be implemented!