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Sander Potjer

Sander Potjer is co-founder and partner at Perfect Web Team. He is also a Craft and Joomla developer, project manager and "Web Architect". He likes to design web solutions to develop them together with his team.

As an architect I have learned not only to design solutions for the present, but also for future wishes that are still unknown. As a "Web-Architect" I also like to apply that principle.

During his study Architecture, Sander came into contact with building websites in addition to designing buildings and started to delve further into this. Of course by doing everything himself first and learning a lot. As a result, he has experience with many aspects of building websites and web applications.

As a Web Architect, he likes to use his expertise to convert customer challenges and translate them into well-designed solutions. Together with his team of experts, he develops these into beautiful, practical and user-friendly websites or web applications.

Sander Potjer

CTD & Web Architect


+31 85 210 40 60


Joomla Certified


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