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Sander Potjer

Sander Potjer is co-founder and partner at Perfect Web Team. He is also a Joomla & Craft developer, project manager and solution architect. His passion for the web and Joomla started in 2005 building a site for his rowing team. He was impressed with Joomla and the open source Joomla community. He soon became involved with, a Dutch platform for Joomla users.

It is fantastic to work with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis.

Sander is chairman of the Dutch Joomla Foundation. This foundation also organizes the annual Dutch Joomla days. Sander has also been internationally committed to Joomla for years , in the past, among other things as a member of the Community Leadership Team (CLT), developer of the "Volunteer portal" and as the inventor of the term "Joomler".

Sander is also a developer of PWT ACL (originally "ACL Manager"), a popular Joomla extension that simplifies access rights management in Joomla.

Sander Potjer

CTD & Solution Architect


+31 85 210 40 60


Joomla Certified


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