Robin Poort

Robin is the ideal frontender: Trained as a designer and front-end web developer! This is ideal because he understands that what he designs should also be able to be built.

Having a designer past is of great help in translating design into code.

Robin is now also specialized in accessibility, website performance, 'content first' and 'responsive design'. Through qualitative research with user testing, he knows what, more often than not, works on the websites he comes up with.

In 2010, Robin founded the first Dutch Joomla template club with three colleagues. He has also spoken at various Dutch and International conferences about Joomla, front-end web development and the combination of the two.

Before Robin focused entirely on website building and design, he studied Graphic Design at both the Graphic Lyceum Utrecht and the High School for the Arts Utrecht. This study still comes in handy when converting a design into code.

Robin Poort

Amazing Master Frontdev


+31 85 210 40 60