NPO Radio 1: New (Joomla!)website

NPO Radio 1 is the news and sports channel. The largest in the Netherlands with about 2.5 million listeners per week. We were allowed to design and realize the new website!

Dear editors, Your site is now perfect!

You can now listen to the entire program or just play it back for an hour. Very nice, thank you.

A NPO Radio 1 listener

The challenge

The NPO Radio 1 website was outdated and not flexible to be able to switch quickly and develop further. Moreover, the website was not responsive, while more than half of the visitors now visit the website via mobile devices. Time for a major renovation!

Analysis and wireframes

Building a perfect website in a complex infrastructure with many users and expectations. After extensive analysis of the old website, we made a proposal for the new structure of the website. This has been fully worked out in clickable wireframes so that all involved already had an idea of ​​what would go where on the new website at an early stage.


The modern, spacious and clear design has also been designed by us, while maintaining the recognisability and appearance of NPO Radio 1. This has been worked out with detail for different screen resolutions in the custom template so that every visitor can experience the website optimally.


The site runs for a large part on a custom Joomla component that forms a link with the central API for programs, broadcasts, fragments, etc. can add. When navigating to other pages, this audio player will play continuously. For example, the visitor can simply click through to the NPO Radio 1 site while listening.

The result

A high traffic site with super fast performance!

Our work

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