Building APIs

We build APIs! A website often no longer stands alone.

We build connections (with APIs)!

An application programming interface (API) is a collection of definitions on the basis of which a computer program can communicate with another program (Source: Wikipedia). This also happens via the web in all kinds of ways, more and more often. We have made many APIs over the years and would like to give a few examples here:

API with Copernica

For Parcls (https://parcls.com/) and the Center for Mindfulness (www.centrumvoormindfulness.nl) we have built an API with Copernica (https://www.copernica.com), software for emailmarketing and marketing automation.

Connection with RadioManager

For the Dutch Public radio websites (www.nporadio1.nl, www.nporadio2.nl, www.npo3fm.nl, www.nporadio4.nl, www.nporadio5.nl, www.funx.nl) we have built several APIs with their radio management databases, https://pluxbox.com/ and Prepr (https://prepr.io). These API's make it possible, among other things, so you can see live what music is played on the radio right now.

API with Filemaker

The foundation Leergeld Den Haag (www.leergelddenhaag.nl) use FileMaker (www.filemaker.com) to store information in relational databases and we have made the connection between these and the website. The input that is entered in the website forms is submitted through this connection in the right way to the FileMaker database.

Connection Yellowyard

For “Werken bij GGNET” (www.werkenbijggnet.nl) we have built the connection between the recruitment tools of Yellowyard and the website of the client GGNet.

Payment links

Do you need a payment provider on your website? A button to donate? Sell a book? Pay for a course or event? We have realised them all.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

For the NVML (Dutch bioMedic Laboratory Association) we have built the connection between the website and their member administration in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Google Maps / Prorit

For determining the route and distance for bus rental quotes (for example Pouw vervoer https://www.pouwvervoer.nl/) GoogleMaps is used to get it right away.

With this, the program can determine from what garage the bus should come, if it can do other rides in between and how much distance is traveled in total.

Mail handling with SparkPost

The standard mail handling from websites often go wrong with large quantities. By handling all mail from Joomla by SparkPost (https://www.sparkpost.com/), you get the deliverability and analytics for better email performance.

Also need an API for your website?

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    Craft CMS & Next.js website for Backbase.com

    Just dropped 🔥 Check out the new Backbase website! With headless Craft CMS & Next.js frontend.

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    Enjoy the game! New website for anwbgolf.nl

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    Customer portal Parcls.com

    Parcls is the sustainable and personal neighborhood parcel service in Amsterdam where consumers can store, collect, return and have their parcels delivered at home with zero emission. In this new version of the website, but especially the improved dashboard and customer portal, we have used the Craft CMS.

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    Exact.com customizations

    Exact is the business software market leader in the Benelux. Perfect Web Team helped Exact with several challenges in the new website exact.com, like the implementation of Google AMP, Joomla custom fields, Google’s datalayers, structured data and more.