That first impression of a visitor on your website should be the right one immediately.

Graphic design, the visual layer

Usually we start with the building blueprints or interactive wireframes and than we continue to apply the graphic design but it depends if there is a corporate identity already or not.

We create a professional appearance that matches the goal of the website and your target audience.

Corporate Identity

If you don't have a corporate identity yet we love to design one or more concepts.

The concepts are reviewed in multiple iterations and optimized until ready.

Digital corporate style guide

The approved design can also be made into a digital corporate style guide. In this guide the design is technically worked out and split up into elements that can be used by developers to create the basis for new pages in the website or application.

This can be compared to a box of lego. When new user stories are made, the existing lego blocks, the design elements, can be used to realise the user stories in the website.

When a new design element is needed, it can be designed, developed and added to the style guide. The style guide will become more and more complete until less and less blocks need to be created.

Do you need a new design or corporate identity guide?

We like to get started with it!