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An interactive online conference that looks like a retro game?!

Last year we made an interactive online Christmas card and that inspired one of our clients to have an idea. "Couldn't we offer our range of training courses in a fun, online and interactive way this year?"

Right now, I really want to thank you all for a beautiful piece of work that has come about through a great collaboration!

What was triggered by the Christmas card in December has resulted in the first edition of the NPi Life Long Learning Conference, where NPi services and products are linked to collecting data and showing personal recommendations based on collected preferences in a creative way.

Harm Askes
Harm AskesHoofd deskundigheidsbevordering

A project where we were able to let our creativity run wild and where we were able to go on a discovery journey in terms of front-end development, pushing our boundaries again. It was an extremely fun change for us from building all the "ordinary" websites to develop an interactive conference for NPi.

NPi provided the content input with which we started working after a brainstorming session to create a first proof-of-concept. Together with NPi, we further developed this into an interactive "game" environment linked to the NPi site, where visitors can participate in a conference, visit rooms and fill their digital goodie bag, which will then be sent by email.


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