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ANWB Golf, the largest digital golf club with over 55,000 members, asked us to build their new online clubhouse.

This was not possible without your help! So on behalf of the Golf team: a big THANK YOU!

Niels van Graas
Niels van GraasOnline marketeer

Previously, ANWB Golf had two websites for their members: a general site with information about golf courses, competitions, member information and special deals, and a separate login area for members to sign up for competitions, add scorecards and manage other member information.

It was time to bring these two websites together into a new online clubhouse, where ANWB Golf members can access all information in one place and sign up for competitions, add scorecards and take advantage of deals by showing the digital version of their membership card.

ANWB Golf had already developed wireframes and a design, which we used and expanded upon to implement the new site. The site runs on Craft CMS and is connected to various systems, including the membership system and weather forecasts for golf courses.

We have built attractive front-end solutions such as an easy way to add scorecards and fun features like an automatic image created with the results of your golf round to share or save. And there will be many more exciting new features coming in the future, as the new site is a great foundation for future development.


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