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What does your target audience think about it?

User testing

What does your target audience think of it? This is perhaps one of the nicest parts of a website project. All kinds of things have been thought of, but what do your visitors actually think about it?

Do they understand what to do? Do they understand what can do or find on your website?


User-friendliness and usability research is a profession in which you can invest a lot of research, time and money. For websites you can also go a long way with common sense.

Don't make me think!

We love a "common sense" approach and the "Don't make me think" principle ( source: Steve Krug,

It has been found that you can find most of the "usability bottlenecks" with a simple qualitative sample. This means that test persons who more or less belong to the target group, are observed while using the website or web application on the basis of concrete tasks.

We have had the opportunity to do a lot of user testing for our clients. It's very educational and always fun!

Do you want to do something about the user-friendliness of your website?

We are happy to make a proposal!

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