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Custom webapplication

Do you need a custom online solution? A platform with functionality that has not been build before?

We are regularly asked for the costs of some specific custom functionality. Usually we have a lot of additional questions before we can give any good indication.

If there is only a general indication of the requirements, the chance of different expectations and assumptions is high (See also "We want a simple website ..."). This means that, in order not to be too far off, we have to estimate hours by a considerable margin.

Minimum viable product

Is there a functional or technical design? Is there a MoSCoW list or a description of what the MVP (Minimum viable product) is?

The better the desired end result is described, the better we can estimate the necessary hours.

Scrum and Agile

With a new idea for an application, it is often difficult to think of everything in advance. Then a lot of “progressive insight” is needed to discover what actually needs to be made. That's okay, it's even fun!

This is how the Scrum and Agile method was created. To learn quickly and still achieve a useful result. That is fun and educational, but it does take time and therefore money.


Customization is by definition not on the shelf. It has to be tailor-made and it will easily take your days. Sometimes weeks or months. These are of course the best challenges for our team, but you do need to have the budget for it.

Do you have a challenge for us?

We would like to meet you!

Examples of our custom work

  • Projects where we have built custom applications

    Also stay informed via social media:

  • Backbase bg4
    Backbase devices

    Craft CMS & Next.js website for

    Just dropped 🔥 Check out the new Backbase website! With headless Craft CMS & Next.js frontend.

  • Anwb
    Devices anwb

    Enjoy the game! New website for

    ANWB Golf, the largest digital golf club with over 55,000 members, asked us to build their new online clubhouse.

  • Npi congres entree

    An interactive online conference that looks like a retro game?!

    Last year we made an interactive online Christmas card and that inspired one of our clients to have an idea. "Couldn't we offer our range of training courses in a fun, online and interactive way this year?"

  • Parcls back
    Parcls devices

    Customer portal

    Parcls is the sustainable and personal neighborhood parcel service in Amsterdam where consumers can store, collect, return and have their parcels delivered at home with zero emission. In this new version of the website, but especially the improved dashboard and customer portal, we have used the Craft CMS.

  • Exact bg
    Exact devices customizations

    Exact is the business software market leader in the Benelux. Perfect Web Team helped Exact with several challenges in the new website, like the implementation of Google AMP, Joomla custom fields, Google’s datalayers, structured data and more.

  • Parcls
    Parcls Design, website & webapplication is a new service to easily receive your parcels when you are not at home. With Parcls you can agree exactly where and when you will receive your package. We were allowed to realize the design, the website and the custom web application.