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ROC Nijmegen new website project

ROC Nijmegen is a regional school for vocational education with 10,000 students and 950 employees at modern locations in Nijmegen and Boxmeer. The website was due for renewal: A great project for Perfect Web Team.

Through a great collaboration to a fantastic result! Thanks to your expertise, we now have an accessible and user-friendly website.

Wim de Ruijter
Wim de RuijterTeamlead Communication & Marketing ROC Nijmegen

The challenge

Putting a new website live with project management, on time and within budget, is always a challenge! We have used the Scrum method for the development of the website. A multidisciplinary team worked on the website in short sprints of two weeks. During a sprint, the “User Stories” that had been worked out in advance were picked up. After each sprint, a working website was available that could be tested and discussed.

In this case, there were a few more goals:

  • Demonstrably higher findability based on an SEO benchmark
  • Better findability of training and courses
  • Customer-oriented and user-friendly

The result

  • New look & feel
  • Focus on the target audience
  • Focus on usability
  • Elastic search
  • User-friendly way to direct users to information and answers
  • Improved usability of website on mobile devices
  • Complies with government web guidelines
  • Digital corporate identity guide
  • A basis on which to continue to develop in the future

Easy content manegement of pages

They work with many (external) editors who have to be able to get started without training. Our starting point was that the editors can work from one page in the CMS to build the pages. For this we have added a layer on top of the standard Joomla articles system so that creating pages is as simple as filling out a form.


Our work

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