Web design

The first impression of your website should be the right one. We design goal oriented websites with a professional look and feel. And you want your website to look good. We make it happen.

Designing websites

First things first. To design the perfect website for you we need to know a little more. We would love to have an interview and discuss the purpose and goals of the website. Who is the target audience,  who is the competition and what are sites that are good examples of what you think you need? What is the current situation and what are important requirements? What is the timeline and what is the available budget?

Interactive Wireframes

An important part of your requirements will be about what content and functionality you will offer to your visitors. How are you going to structure your content? What interaction are you going deliver to your website visitors? What calls to action will you have?

With the help of statistics/web-analytics, knowledge about your target audience, knowledge of usability and common sense we will together answer these questions. In several interactive sessions, all types of pages are defined. The central question of these sessions is "What comes where?" on every type of page. "Responsive" or mobile screens are also considered here.

With the input from these sessions we will create interactive clickable wireframes. Using interactive wireframes is fun and a lot more efficient than static design and or trying to do this in the actual build. The wireframes are easy to change and are very helpful for everyone involved to refer to in the following stages.

Graphic design

Assuming you already have a corporate/brand identy like a logo(s), fonts, colours etc. we will use this and the wireframes to make a first concept of the web design. An interview and (discussing) examples of other websites is also very helpfull.

Usually we start with a concept of the home page and see if we can match your expectations. If so we can create a design for all types of pages. Once these are accepted we can start the build!

Corporate and / or Brand Indentity

If you don't have it worked out yet, we can help here too. What's your style? What style would work best for you? Our designers would love to work on it!

Please contact us at +31852104060 or send us an e-mail at info@perfectwebteam.nl

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