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Do you need support with further development of your Joomla website? We would be happy to be of assistance and give you advice about best practices or directions for your online strategy.

Support by the Joomla! specialists

We only work with Joomla so we can be the expert in Joomla development. A website is never perfect and never ready. Joomla is very suitable to do your own content management but there are always new developments and always room for improvement. If you have your own web team we can assist when things get to difficult even for them.

Budget hours

At Perfect Web Team, you can buy a support budget of hours. This budget stands for the time that we can spend on your questions and give you advice. Our response time for tickets is 1 day and we always give you an indication of the amount of time that we think we will spend.

You can check your balance online. We keep track of our activities and the time we spent (in units of 10 minutes). You can access your current balance and available tickets at all times. We will send you a report and a summary of the work we have done when your tickets are depleted. You can buy a new budget directly, or wait until you feel that you need more Perfect Web Team support. It is not an automatically prolonged subscription (no unexpected costs).

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